Psalm: 145
Old Testament: 2 Samuel 11:1-27
New Testament: Acts 19:11-20

Oh man… I ever glad I went to the Cathedral for MP today! 🙂

I know it may sound odd……but I love the reading from the OT this morning. It’s got everything that makes for a great drama….war, sex, deception, betrayal, injustice and murder.

On the one hand, you have David….who is the righteous king anointed to lead the chosen people of God. He can have any concubine or foreign wife he wishes without incurring God’s anger…..and yet he cannot resist the beauty he sees from his rooftop

In a desperate attempt to make things right and cover up Bathsheeba’s pregnancy, David tries to arrange for Uriah to sleep with his wife….thus leading him to think that the child she would bear in 9 months time was his and not the king’s.

On the other hand, you have Uriah….the faithful servant. Instead of a respite filled with sex and leisure, he chooses to show solidarity with his fellow soldiers in the field…he doesn’t want any special treatment.

In typical Biblical fashion, things are turned on their head. The lowly subject proves himself to be more upright than his monarch….he goes to the front lines with no question asked. The innocent husband is sent to die in order to cover up scandal and sin of another (supposedly greater) man.

David, the chosen shepherd-boy of the LORD falls from Grace. He–like the rest of us–is weak in both will and flesh…..can he be redeemed? We find that out tomorrow….and incidentally you will also find out why i chose David as my Confirmation name back in gr. 8. Stay tuned! +