Reflections on a blessed Epiphanytide…..


Man am I ever behind…….Last time I posted was on Twelfth Night…..and now we stand a week away from Lent……..where did those six weeks go??? 😛

Although I have still been praying the Daily Office with some regularity, the month of January was both eventful and Grace-filled. While I wanted to post here, I often found myself with little or no spiritual energy left to come up with something creative to say.

For that I want to apologize 😦

Now I’m back 🙂 and I feel compelled to share some thought and reflection about what has been going on in my life…..

The biggest event in the last month without any doubt was my ordination to the order of Deacon:

The experience was at once joyful and sobering. On one hand, it was the realization of a life-long dream. On the other, I was faced with an unpleasant thought: Crap! I have to be an adult now :P.

While I know my status has changed, it feels very weird when people call me Reverend or Father, or Padre. I suspect that this shock will wear off eventually….It’s amazing what can happen if I throw on that black shirt and collar :P.

I am still me….but now I’m me with responsibility attached. I represent something that’s bigger than myself..which is something I try to do anyway…but now I find myself more conscious of it.

More than that though, I am struck by the fact that it finally happened….after hard work, some luck and amazing people around me.

Those people also include those who read and contribute to this blog. By your presence, I made it through a very dark time in discerning my vocation. Your honest and open sharing of your thoughts and challenges to my own have pushed me to be a better writer, theologian…but most important, a better person. If I don’t say it often enough…… thank you! ❤

All in all…..I am left with this thought…which I hope will inspire you to pursue your own passions.

Dreams are real. Even amidst the crap, they can come true. We are never alone or without support. And God is amazing! +

Evening Prayer: Nov. 6th (Combo Post)


Psalms: 26, 28, 36, 39
Old Testament: Amos 7:10-17
New Testament: Rev 1:9-16
Gospel: Matthew 22:34-46
Reading from the Magisterum of the Church: An excerpt from the Dogmatic Constitution of Vatican II

Must……post…….to…….blog……..UGH! Busy busy times here at A Year in the Office (read: “Busy times in the life of its author”)……but here I am…..

Happy Sinterklaass Day. I hope St. Nicholas came and put some goodies in your wooden shoe…Speaking of which, I got a pretty awesome gift left for me….but it arrived a little earlier in the week.

On Sunday, the Bishop announced his intention to ordain me as a (transitional) Deacon in the Anglican Church of Canada!!! :D.

I’m super excited as this is part of a dream I have had since I was a kid……but more than that I hope I can continue to do good ministry…..the collar is useless if you’re no earthly good.

Like the Gospel reading for tonight, we all need to remember that the act of loving God and neighbour is about what we do not just by what we believe and confess with our mouth.

The love that we have for God can only be felt and shown by manifesting it physically….after all, Jesus came in the flesh….to the world of sense…..and was surrounded by the sick, the weak, and the diseased. Our inheritance is not based on a promise to David (although we can place our hope in it)…but in having the Word of God inscribed in our hearts…..which is the perpetual neon sign of the Old Testament that the people always seem to ignore.

As we travel in a spirit of preparing the way for the Messiah……we might ask how we can remove the roadblocks that restrict his entry. +

Getting a reality check on the way home…….


Copyright: Joey Lawerence

For those who know me personally….or have read some of my posts in the last few days you know that I have been (ever so gradually) freaking out about the Bishop’s visit to my parish placement.  Part of my apprehension tonight has to do with the fact that I don’t know how much this visit will impact my ordination status.

I know that the goal of attaining clerical office should be the furthest thing from my mind…..that the worship and ministry must come first……but what can I say??? I’m human and I want some things for myself damn it! 😉

In the midst of my own worrying, I decided to go for a late coffee @ Timmie’s….caffiene and sugar (in the form of baked goods) usually provide a short relief from any and all stress in my life. 🙂

On my way back to the apartment, I ran in to two people whom I know from my street ministry. Neither are homeless, but they are definitely in the lower income bracket, and usually have to bounce from place to place because rent is so high.

In the case of this particular couple, I know that they often cannot afford bus passes, and have to walk virtually everywhere. Based on where they live now, that means a solid 4 km hike to the East end…….that’s one way……

In conversing with them, I learned that yet again, there had been an income re-assessment performed and their benefits got cut by a substantial amount, forcing them to put their stuff in storage and (assuming things would fall into place the way they hoped) move into a new building at the end of this month.

Only problem is…..this building is SUPER sketch :P……with known prostitutes working there and drug deals happening on a regular basis….the case worker has tried to get them into a better setting but the wait list for the next available apartment is 8 months long. 😛

Needless to say……while I am still very nervous about tomorrow… doesn’t seem right that I should be bitching and complaining……I am in a good air-conditioned building, with food in my fridge and enough money to last me for the week.

Come liturgical or professional /FAIL tomorrow, I know that I am both lucky and loved…..and I need to constantly remember that whatever the Christian life is about… is most certainly not about me or my need for official status :P.

Evening Prayer: Jan. 24th

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Psalm: 44
Gospel: Mark 5:21-34
Reading from the RC Magisterium: An excerpt from Vatican II’s Constitution on the Church in the Modern World

Florence-li-Tim-Oi-First female Priest in the Anglican Communion (ordained 1944)

I’m actually going to observe EP over at the college chapel tonight….But I wanted to offer a short blurb on the ordination of women.

It’s actually kind of ironic that I’m posting this tonight…when I’m going to a joint service between Catholic seminarians and their Anglican counterparts.

The ordination of women was one of the reasons why I left the RC church….it never made sense to me that only men could be part of the clergy :P.

Florence Li-Tim-Oi was ordained by the Anglican Church in Hong Kong due to a shortage of priests during wartime. Following the Communist revolution, she was barred from her ministry and did not reclaim it until relocating to Canada (my home country :D)

Although there was significant kick-back when the ordination of women was passed by the North American church in 1978, I think it was definitely a move for the better. 😀

After all……doesn’t Paul say that there is no Jew or Gentile, slave or free, woman or man??? 😀

We are all one flesh in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God! +

Evening Prayer-Feast of St. Andrew (Nov. 30th)

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Psalm(s): 96, 100
Old Testament: Isaiah 55:1-5
Gospel: John 1:35-42

The readings for tonight offer so much material for reflection that it almost borderlines on the ridiculous.

I sit here poised to attend the ordination of 4 of my classmates to the priesthood, and remembering another all the way out in Halifax, NS. :D. Ordinations are a special place to be……a place that one day–with God’s grace and blessing–I hope to be myself.

Exactly one year ago, Fred Hiltz the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada was invited to give a sermon at the ordinations that were taking place right here in the Diocese of Huron. Anyone who was there will tell you that it was a LONG sermon, and I don’t really remember all of it. The part that I do remember however, is simply this: St. Andrew was a leader who worked behind the scenes.

His job was not to take centre stage, he simply tells his brother:

Come and see…..We have found the Messiah

As the Lamb of God enters the scene all the lands indeed have a reason to be joyful (to paraphrase the opening of Psalm 100). The job of the disciple and apostle is not to draw attention to him/her self but to the Christ who gives us life.

Priests are expected to do many things, but above all they are called to lead the Church in giving its witness of salvation and and love of Jesus Christ to the whole world, and above all encouraging others to come and see it for themselves.

Sing to the Lord, bless his name;
tell of his salvation from day to day.
Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvellous works among all the peoples.

Each of my classmates has had a profound impact on the way I view faith, ministry, and leadership. The Church is truly enriched by your gifts and talents.

The best part is…is that each of you is passionate about not only leading; but empowering others to nuture, develop, and use their gifts and talents to shape the world around them and bring Good News to all that they meet.

Your faith, your personalities, and your leadership is an extraordinary gift to the Church. Tonight, we celebrate!!!!!!! +

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