Psalm: 107:1-32
Gospel: Luke 10:38-42
Patristic Reading: An excerpt from a treatise on the Holy Trinity by St. Hilary

Mary and Martha by He Qi 

So……..this post is gonna read more like a confession than a full-out reflection…..but part of me hopes that a) readers will get something out of it and b) that maybe someone in this universe (or maybe even someone within Churchland) has the same problem I do.

My problem is not the problem of Martha. I’m not always busy….I’m not stressed with my tasks… the vast majority of cases, I am very laid back. In fact, for those that really know me……they will tell you–with as much love as possible– that I am one lazy dude :(.

I am a very happy and introverted Mary-type. I could sit and listen to music, sermons and Scripture all day.

The funny thing is….what I hear in those words is not always to my liking. Love my enemies???? Pray for those who persecute me???? Go and make disciples out of all nations???? Be a harvester for God’s kingdom???

Eeew….can’t I just sit and here contemplate God’s love instead??? :S

Many many times I have contemplated monastic life……but for me–assuming I could find a First Order who would accept someone with CP–the contemplative life is almost too good.

For me…the cloistered life is the easy way out. A way to escape doing important work that needs to be done….work that the Spirit in Her Wisdom is calling me to do.

So even though Jesus applauds Mary for listening, I think he would be just as quick to say–as he does in so many parables and teachings–“Come and follow me.”