Evening Prayer: Even of All Hallows (Hallowe’en)


Psalm: 34
Old Testament: Wisdom 3:1-9
New Testament: Revelation 19:1,4-10

Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me, ‘You must not do that! I am a fellow-servant with you and your comrades who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.’ (Rev 19:10)

Growing up, I was definitely one of those Roman Catholic kids that didn’t understand the whole saint thing. To me, they were the people enshrined in the stain-glass……their stories often seemed unbelievable……their lives of virtue and inner peace entirely too convenient.

Even stranger to me was the whole idea of praying to the saints….asking them to talk to God on our behalf…..why wouldn’t I just pray to the Father or Jesus directly???

I’ll touch on the theology of intercession tomorrow…but for right now, I want to concentrate on what we hear from Revelation. In his vision, John is so overwhelmed that he feels moved to spontaneous worship.

Not knowing the proper outlet for that praise, he starts to bow down before the saint (holy one) that is unveiling the message of what the apostle sees.

Startled, the saint stops him….and–in my head at least–I can picture that exchange being very awkward for both parties. Wanting to dissuade any false illusions, the white-robed companion immediately directs the writer’s attention back to Jesus.

Contrary to the way the cult of the saints was taught to me in RC circles, the saints are not the object of worship. Rather, looking at their lives is SUPPOSED to lead us to Christ, and the virtues that he teaches in the Gospel……a point which is not always explicitly made.

Tonight, on the eve of All Saints, we are also made aware that the Church–the community of the faithful is an eternal reality. Made not only of the people living in the world today…..but of all who came before us, and those who will follow in the future.

The seemingly endless tales of Christian men and women are a call to be holy as God is holy….and in the next few days we celebrate the fact that progress in a faithful life is not only possible, but that it has the power to shape the world…..and shape it for the better. A transformation that began and was made possible by the One who clothes us in righteousness with His blood. Alleluia! +

An Evening of Nostalgia: Part 1

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Last night, I got to relive a small portion of my childhood :). Following a service of Evensong @ Cronyn and a quick dinner, Linda and I headed to the Westmount Mall.

Almost $40 later, we had our tickets and popcorn in hand. We both got geeked out over the new Muppet movie coming out, put on our 3D glasses when prompted and settled in to watch what is–at least in my eyes–the greatest Disney film of all time. 😀

Lion King was originally released when I was 12 (1994) and I remember going to see it in the theatre with my uncle John. I loved everything about the film! 🙂 The music, the humour, the artwork….everything was so well done <3.

When it was released on VHS a few months later, Lion King quickly became a favourite of my younger sister Stephanie (aged 6 at the time) and before long…Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Timone, Pumbaa and the rest of the gang were household names at 41 Glenie Ave. :). I must have watched that movie hundreds of times. ❤

Then adolescence hit….and it wasn't cool anymore to watch Disney movies at home…the VHS tape went on the movie-shelf…and eventually, I moved away from home.

While I have watched clips on Youtube since, by the time I had entered the theater last night, I hadn't seen the full film in about 10 years.

And yet, despite that hiatus….As soon as that /EPIC shot of the sunrise over the Savannah came on screen I was instantly transported back to my childhood :D.

Throughout the entire 87 minutes…I found myself mouthing the dialogue, singing the songs, and laughing out loud. My enjoyment was increased 1000 fold not only by the fact that I had a beautiful woman beside me, but that we were surrounded by young families with kids. The little girl behind us got frightened when Simba was being chased by hyenas, cried when Mufasa died and laughed at ALL the fart jokes lol :D….

It was so cute and innocent….and it warmed my heart to know that–even in the midst of all the busy-ness of the world and the rush to grow up and be mature–there is still room to be a kid 😀

Watching the Lion King as an adult also had a very different feel to it compared to when I was growing up……but I’ll be putting that in the next post so that you–my dear readers– are not subjected to having to read through a wall of text. 😉 +

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