Psalm: 34
Gospel: Matthew 1:18-25
Reading from the Church: An excerpt from Reflections on Nazareth by Pope Paul VI

O taste and see that the Lord is good;
happy are those who take refuge in him (Psalm 34:8)

This verse is often used as the fraction sentence before the Eucharist is distributed.

Whether you believe in a full scale transsubstantiation or the doctrine of the Real Presence…we believe that the bread and wine given to us in the Lord’s Supper are something real and tangible.

The Eucharist is not only a reminder of Christ’s atonement for our sins….but helps us to remember that he came to share our human nature, to live and die as one of us.

They are gifts that allow us to feel the presence of Christ in our midst with our senses as well as our intellect.

Jesus is not a distant historical figure, but a real Person in our very midst…leading us, feeding us, and nourshing our bodies and souls. +