Station VI: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Imagine seeing Jesus walking the long road to execution. Blood surrounds his face, and it has began to seep into his eyes. He cannot see and stumbles…he cannot even use the sleeve of his robe to gain relief…for his hands grip an old rugged cross.

Amidst that crowd stands Veronica. Overwhelmed by sorrow and pity, she asks herself whether there is anything she can do to help her Lord…..any way to alleviate his suffering. Taking a rag, she breaks from the swarm and wipes the face of Christ. His eyes are cleared, and she is given the gift of his Precious Blood…leaving a true icon on the cloth and in her heart.

My God wipes his face for me, and he does so with love.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on us sinners. Remember us when you come into your kingdom+

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Boniface Grosvold
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 19:23:11

    Hello Matthew;
    This is a lovely meditation on the Station of the Cross, where St. Veronica meets and wipes the Face of our Blessed Lord enroute to His Crucifixion. What an emotion it stirs in us, as we contemplate Veronica as she wipes away the blood and dirt from His face; and the stain and impression of His sacred countenance is left imprinted on her veil, as well as upon our souls.


  2. A Year in the Office
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 19:41:38

    Thank you for your kind words +Bonafice…It is indeed a heart wrenching and poignant moment…..

    May Christ always leave an impression in our heart, mind, and soul as we continue to walk the Way of the Cross and live our lives in faith.


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