Station I: Jesus is Condemned to Death

The crowd gets louder, emotions are high, a decision must be made. Within Pilate’s heart, the Truth speaks. He sees the Lamb of God being led to slaughter, carried there by false accusations and jealousy. Three times, Pilate asks the people which person they wish to have released, he tries his best; but his best is not good enough.

How many times have we given in to peer pressure? Heard that still small voice, telling us what is right….only for it to be hushed through our own indecisiveness and fear of what others might say? How many times have we become friends with injustice, hatred, and corruption?

Can we hear our own voices in the crowd? How easy is it to shout for the death and ultimate silence of those who challenges us, and speak of those things which we do wrong?…. Are we afraid of what might happen if we allow the Word made flesh to dwell in our midst?

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on us sinners. Remember us when you come into your kingdom +

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