Today kicks off a very important observance in the Church. In this last week of Lent, we begin to follow the footsteps of Jesus to the hill on Calvary. Time and time again throughout the Gospels appointed for this week, the question is posed to us: “Who is Jesus of Nazareth???”

Notice that the responses from the various people in Jerusalem. Pilate doesn’t know what to make of this silent political threat, while a lowly soldier is brought to faith. One woman weeps for the teacher she has lost, while her brother in faith denies the master he loves.

Holy Week is not meant to be a static kind of event. Instead, it asks us literally to get our feet wet. To have our feet washed, and to wash those of others. To see the altar being stripped, and getting down to the bare essentials….focusing our attention on a sight that is hard to look at. A wretched, bloody man hanging on a tree.

As we participate in this drama….we are faced with that same central question. Who is Jesus for us? And what does this whole divine drama mean to us?