As a newly ordained Deacon, part of my vows are to maintain the practices and disciplines of the Church. Part of that means that I am called to pray every day…primarily through the Daily Office.

Sometimes though….because I am human and need some variety, will go through periods where I exercise other practices in my prayer-life.

One of these traditions is that of the Anglican prayer beads which is a combination of the Dominican Rosary and an Orthodox Prayer rope.

In using this as a focus for prayer, the emphasis shifts slightly from concentrating on words of Scripture to focusing in on the person and work of Jesus. While there is still active thinking and feeling going on, the 33 bead repetition becomes almost automatic. The mind is free to focus on the fact that Christ is the Son of God who has come to save us.

Prayer beads are not the only alternative to the Daily Office……there is also a method of reading the Bible called Lectio Divina (Holy Reading)

For the specifics of this approach, check out the wiki article I’ve linked to. For me, this technique allows my inner academic to shut up. To read Scripture in a way that speaks to my soul and heart instead of my brain. To think about pastoral concerns rather than mere intellectual assent.

These two approaches to prayer are by no means the only ones available…..and I’m curious…….what are some reflection or prayer methods that you find helpful??? On the other side of this discussion……what are the aspects of prayer you find difficult????

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. 🙂 +