Today, Canada along with the rest of the Commonwealth marked Remembrance Day.

On November 11, 1918 at 11:00am, the Treaty of Versailles was signed, bringing an end to the hostilities of World War I, and peace to mainland Europe and its allies. The Great War was nothing like anyone had ever seen…there were industrialized weapons, large-scale trench battles……and most devastating of all….mustard gas. 😦

Ever since that day of armistice, Nov. 11th has become a day in which we recognize those who have gone off to war, and–more especially–those who have given their lives in the service to our nation.

I think it’s important to stress two things today. First and foremost, today is not a day which is meant to glorify war. Instead, we are confronted with the harsh reality that in military conflict people die and not just a few….but hundreds, upon thousands, upon millions.

Any form of aggression, and even attempts to keep the peace are costly. We must never forget the great tragedy that had to befall so many families and communities in order that we might be kept safe from harm.

Secondly, Remembrance Day is no longer a passive observance for this country. Since Canada entered Afghanistan in 2002, 158 officers have perished….most of whom are younger than I am now……

When I was younger, Nov. 11th was somewhat distant…….a bunch of old men in uniforms that I was grateful to, but didn’t really understand. Now….things hit home a little closer. While I don’t live under the perceived threat of invasion like in WW2 England, it’s strange to think that fellow classmates who came up as reserves find themselves on tours of duty…going into the military is no longer seen as an easy way to get physical exercise and get your education covered.

For those currently serving in the Armed Forces, thank-you! You are doing something that I would never have the courage to do. +

To those who have passed, you are not forgotten. +