Psalm: 116
Old Testament: Zeph 3:14-20
New Testament: Mark 15:37-16:7

Well….one week later, I have finally made it back to the blogosphere :P……All thanks to a feast day and a swift kick in the ass by milady :).

Mary Magdalene is an interesting figure…originally mentioned as a person cured of many demons, she was mistaken for a prostitute by Pope Gregory I in the 6th century….and she hasn’t really been able to shake that reputation since :P.

What I find interesting is the Church’s fascination with her occupation…..all the while forgetting her most important role. She is the first witness to the resurrection…..the one who first brought the good news of salvation to those who believed.

The example we have in Mary Magdalene seems especially poignant in the 21st century.

Like her, the Church bears an unbelievable message of victory and new life. A message that even the Apostles–the closest friends of Jesus–struggled to hear the first time around. Like Mary, we too are often confused for something we are not….as over-zealous followers who just want to force ideology down peoples throats….we are given unfair and undeserved labels.

And yet, Mary–along with the other women at the tomb–proclaimed the Good News anyway…they didn’t care what other people thought :)…In an ancient world that wouldn’t even accept female testimony in court cases, these brave souls became beacons for the Light which never fades, and would illuminate the world.

May we too inherit some of their courage and together proclaim that Jesus is risen from the dead, and that as a result…the world is forever changed. Alleluia! +