Psalm: 119:121-144
Gospel: Luke 22:14-23
Patristic Reading: An excerpt from a Treatise on Friendship by St. Aelred

Here is a true and perfect friendship, solid and eternal: a friendship that envy does not corrupt, suspicion does not diminish or ambition wipe out. It does not cease even under such a trial; even under such a battering it does not collapse. Assailed with abuse, it stands firm; beaten with insults, it does not bend. Go thou, and do likewise.

While I could talk about the institution of the Lord’s Supper tonight, I’ve already done that in Holy Week…and given my Roman Catholic background it stands to reason that I will return to it eventually lol ;).

Take a look at the quote from St. Aelred… certainly gives me some food for thought. Who has been a Jonathan in your life? Who has stuck by you in times of trouble, rebellion, and fear??? I leave you with those simple questions…..and thank God for those who are my best friends šŸ™‚ <3.