On Tuesday mornings, I am usually at the Coffee House at one of my churches and rarely get up early enough to say the Office before I leave. In lieu of that missing post I thought I would say a few words about National Aboriginal Day.

I confess…….I am utterly and completely the beneficiary of First Nations subjugation. Just like this song from Dave Matthews states…..I drink the water even though it is filled greed, jealousy, and blood.

I didn’t even know it was Aboriginal Day today (June 21st) until someone pointed it out via their FB posting. Sadly, I think that my ignorance of this commemoration and of the experiences of First Nations people generally is the norm. 😦

I freely admit that as a white, middle-class Canadian, I have no experience of life on the reserves. I have no idea what kind of injustices and inequalities that exist outside of my urban setting.

But even here in the city, time and time again….I find First Nations people are on the lower-side of the income scale. This isn’t because they want to be…..but because they’re forced to be….whether through stereotypes passed on about Aboriginal persons…..or through a lack of transferable job skills because our government doesn’t take the time or resources to help those on the bottom rung.

The abuse and humiliation you have suffered is something which I cannot even begin to imagine :(.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m going to become an activist for Aboriginal rights, or equal opportunity. To say so would be self-righteous and make me look like a pompus ass.

Rather I will say this. Today I pray for the Aboriginal community. I give thanks for everything they bring to this country.

I give thanks for their presence to us….constantly holding up a mirror to injustice. Today I join with my non-Aboriginal brothers to say I am sorry…..and to pray for true healing, peace and reconciliation. +