……..or not. Lo and behold, another doomsday prediction has passed us by……and yet I wonder if the eschaton has come to this blog :P….To go a week without an entry is almost certain death in the blogosphere……but what is our Easter story if not one of new life??? Of old habits being transformed and changed into something productive??

I hope to keep going with this project, and will start regular posts again tomorrow….but before I take that step, I have to make a confession…. As much as I ❀ the Daily Office (and I do) I never grew up in a household that prayed regularly….at least not on weekdays…..Sundays were always full of prayer :).

Even as a seminarian, prayer was not a go-to action for me. …mostly because I figure doesn't need me complaining when I should just be buckling down and being a good steward and co-creator with Him.

Part of my learning curve in the last little while has been to learn to pray anyways….to get past my own cultural conditioning and instill something new. It has generally worked…..but when I get SUPER stressed about life, the universe and everything….I inevitably go back to thinking….over-analyzing, and problem-solving. Praying is always the furthest thing from my brain..

Needless to say my stress levels–while entirely self-induced–caused much apathy on the blogging front……Apologies to anyone who was missing the reflections I post here Mea culpa, Mea culpa πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow brings a new dawn…….and with it…..a renewed movement of the Spirit. πŸ˜€