I know this doesn’t have to do strictly with prayer or the Daily Office….but I feel it is worth mentioning since it is the primary reason I find myself without time to post the readings and reflections for Morning Prayer. 🙂

In the last Federal Election, an estimated 42% of Canadians did not make it to the polls. A large portion of that being the youth vote.

As a result, we ended up with a minority government which first prorogued government business in an effort to avoid a non-confidence vote, and only a few months later were shown to be in contempt of Parliament.

Imagine what the difference that 42% could have made….

As we gear up for yet another exercise in democracy, Rick Mercer decided that enough was enough.

He challenged those in the younger demographic (18-24) to gather and show their true spirit, their intent to vote, and their hope to make a difference.

It has been a totally grass-roots movement that has even garnered some national media attention. (Complete with Conservatives trying to bury votes from the advanced polls.

The life of prayer is not simply one of contemplation and praise….but in active participation and public discourse. It is important for Canadians to stand up and demand that their governments be accountable….and that contempt of the Canadian people will not be tolerated.

If you want to join me and you are in London, ON here are the details.