So I sit here preparing my sermon for Palm Sunday…..and I’m definitely feeling a little discombobulated. I don’t know why.. but I find preaching anytime during Holy Week somewhat stressful. How do I invite people into contemplating the Triumphal Entry when we try to cram so much in to one liturgy?

I think I have come up with some form of an answer…..but it still makes me nervous. All I can do….all any preacher can do…. is offer the invitation to Jerusalem….to take our palms and greet the King of Glory…..and to travel throughout the week to the Cross, Holy Saturday where God lies dead in a tomb, to the ultimate victory of the Resurrection.

I guess the real question I’m struggling with is how do we get people to enter into the mystery without saying that they have to go to the services for Holy Week. It is not meant as a burden…….it is not about expectation…..but as a way for us to enter into the divine drama and to feel the emotion, feel the pain, Grace and ultimate joy that bursts forth from the empty tomb. Here’s to hoping I can actually proclaim something worthwhile on Sunday 😛 +