As I think most of you may know (or have at least guessed by now) I spend way too much time on the computer. Sometimes it’s because I’m writing and doing research, or something work related on the internetz…. but mostly because I am a huge nerd πŸ™‚

Thanks to Facebook I have been introduced to a small-ish website called Formspring

The concept for the website is interesting, it is a place where friends can post questions (either with identity revealed, or anonymously) with the expectation that the person will answer the question honestly.

To be totally honest, The actual content of the site is a little schwang-wang-wang :P……and the spam ratio tends to be very high.

Nonetheless, I came across something this evening that kinda caught me off-guard.

One of the pre-crafted questions Formspring sent out recently is as follows:

What’s more important: Who you know? or what you know?

Zach a friend of mine (and a member of the youth group whilst I was at St. Christopher’s in Burlington) came up with what I think is a brilliant answer:

How you live.

My friends, if this is the knowledge that the next generation is armed with……we have absolutely nothing to be worried about :).

One of the hardest things in our culture is to hold on to is the importance of passion, creativity and being authentic to ourselves…nurturing our own gifts and talents, rather than being worried about how much we know or how well connected we are.

Suffice it say, today is one of those days where being a nerd presented a totally awesome happen-stance and gives us all a little food for thought. Thanks Zach πŸ™‚ +