Psalms: 148, 149, 150
Old Testament: Deut 6:1-9
New Testament: Hebrews 12:18-29

So why is this commandment set above all others??? What is its significance?

At first glance it seems obvious……of course we love God…..don’t we???? It makes sense that we have an affection for the one who created us from the dust. But do we love him to the exclusion of all else???

It is no surprise that the Shema is always coupled with the commandment not to have other gods before YHWH.

You may remember last month, I mentioned Tim Keller In his book Counterfeit Gods he argues that these Gods refer not only to foreign deities but to ideas and roles as well.

Do we love God more than wealth? Do we love God more than we love our independence? Do we love God more than being a parent? A spouse? A student? A priest?

These questions are difficult as they cut to the very heart of our identity :P…..That said, I do wonder what the answer to these questions would be if we were to answer honestly. +