Psalms: 112, 113
Gospel: John 4:46-54
Patristic Reading: An excerpt from a sermon by Faustus of Riez

Blessed be the name of the Lord
from this time on and for evermore.
From the rising of the sun to its setting
the name of the Lord is to be praised.
The Lord is high above all nations,
and his glory above the heavens. (Psalm 113:2-4)

Today I had a really interesting chat with one of my good friends from school. We talked–among other things–about the North American church…..particularly the Anglican context.

There has been a lot of apprehension right now about shrinking numbers in the congregation and a gradual decline of the community aspect of Church.

The thing is, this concern is very much a North American phenomenon. Around the world–particularly in Africa and Asia–Christianity has been experiencing steady growth. The Church universal is growing….we just don’t pay attention to that fact in our Canadian bubble.

All around the world, at all times of the day, people are praising God and encountering Christ. Instead of focusing in on the negative…why not take stock and rejoice in those parts of the world in which the Light of Christ is shining brightly???

I have a sense that it is in those places we can learn much about how to spread the Gospel and to develop a real sense of community, if only we take the time to stop moping. 😀 +