Psalm(s): 29 , 98
Old Testament: Isaiah 66:18-23
New Testament: Romans 15:7-13

Tonight marks the start of Epiphany season. This is the time when we contemplate what it means for Jesus to be Saviour for the whole of creation and not just for the Jewish people.

One of the main points of the magi visiting is that they are on the outside coming in to worship the Son of God. Their arrival marks the start of a ministry that will last for the rest of Jesus’ earthly life…and continue on in the life and faith of the Church.

As we migrate through the next two months of this new liturgical cycle, we are invited to continue contemplating the mystery of the Incarnation…what does it mean for God to dwell amongst his people and open their hearts??? What does it mean for us as inheritors of a tradition 2011 years in the making????+